When it comes to traveling to Europe these days, many people are discovering the many amazing Scandinavia tours available. Scandinavia is truly beautiful, and there are a number of areas that you have to explore when you’re there.

The best way to see and get a feel for life there is via tours, and there are plenty of exciting Scandinavian tours available in throughout the year. Scandinavia is full of beauty and natural phenomena like the northern lights, thermal glacier pools, and majestic fjords. Scandinavia also has stunning cosmopolitan cities that still maintain their old-world European charm.

Also, tours to Scandinavia are a lot cheaper than people may think. There are several direct flights to the Nordic region from North America and Asia.


The Places for Scandinavia Tours


Land of the Vikings

Norway is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and has a number of stunning destinations and scenery for eager tourists and travelers. Norway offers a number of reasons to add it to your Scandinavian tour list.

From its beautiful cities like Oslo and Bergen, as well as the natural beauty of the landscape and the unique winter culture. Oslo is a city you shouldn’t miss when exiting Norway and is filled with art and culture.

Furthermore, Norway looks like it has been hand-carved by giants and has a host of cliffs, waterfalls, and valleys to explore, as well as being well-known for its skiing and snow sports, and its ice and snow culture.

Travel to Scandinavia

How to Get There

The Nordic region is surrounded by water, making air travel the most efficient way in and out. The Scandinavian carriers offer a host of direct flights to the capital cities. Also, nearly all regional European carriers offer service to the main Scandinavian cities.

SAS Scandinavian Airlines

(Denmark, Norway, Sweden) – Scandinavia’s largest carrier and the flag carrier of all 3 countries, the main international hub is Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup.


(Finland) – Finland’s flag carrier, flying out from its main base in Helsinki, with a strong presence on Asian routes.


(Iceland) – Leverages on its strategic location midway between Europe and North America to maintain a strong presence on North American routes.


Discover Amazing Natural Wonders
Scandinavia Tours Iceland

If you are planning tours of Scandinavian countries, you need to put Iceland on the list. Amazingly, the country has 24-hour daylight, and the sun dips into the horizon during the summer months.

Iceland is home to a host of amazing attractions, and to have the full experience plan a Scandinavian tour. Most noteworthy, Iceland isn’t just a big icy country, it is full of adventure, and you can even take a scuba dive in the crystal clear waters of the Silfra Fissure, which is claimed to be one of the top 10 best experiences in the world.

The Golden Circle can also be found in Iceland  – it is a collection of geysers and waterfalls you can check out with a self-drive tour. Another famous attraction is the blue lagoon, which is a naturally heated swimming pool that is rich in silica and sulfur which benefit the skin.


The Heart of Scandinavia
Scandinavia Tours Sweden

Sweden is a country you need to tour to in Scandinavia and for a good reason. This beautiful country has a load of activities and adventures lined up for any enthusiastic tourist, including the Swedish Lapland, Stockholm, the Arctic Circle and an Ice hotel. Stockholm is a city you need to tour to in 2017 and is Sweden’s largest city being made up of 14 islands with over 700 years of history and culture. Furthermore, how cool would it be to tell people you’ve vacationed in the Arctic Circle? If you decide to take a Scandinavian tour to Jokkmokk, you will cross into the Arctic Circle! As for a slightly more creative attraction, Sweden also offers a hotel made completely out of ice as well as a hotel situated in a tree!


Land of the Thousand Lakes
Scandinavia Tours Finland

Since Finland is not exactly on the tourism radar, it seems like a little-hidden gem in Scandinavia. Although it may be an overlooked Scandinavian destination, Finland is beautiful and has a whole host of activities available for tourists.

Finland has some of the cleanest air in the world and has a lot of natural landscapes, national parks, and natural phenomenon. One of the phenomenon being the northern lights (also known as the Aurora Borealis), and they have been described as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The northern lights are visible on 200 nights throughout the year and, more often than not, on every clear night. Finland is also home to a sauna culture, and sauna is a big part of Finnish culture. Especially relevent, they have recently opened a spa near the Baltic Sea which should be a part of any stay in Finland.


The Charm of Royal Danish Tradition
Scandinavia Tours Denmark

While Denmark may be the smallest country in Scandinavia, but with 406 islands surrounding its mainland, it is not short of exciting things to see and do. With a rich and vibrant history that stretches back over a thousand years, Denmark has just about everything you would want to experience in your trip to Scandinavia.

There is the energetic, cosmopolitan capital city of Copenhagen, which stands out as the jewel in the Royal Danish Crown. It boasts an appealing mix of both old and new. With intricately designed gardens, local museums, and the famous Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen delights. The city is easy to explore, sociable, and when you get hungry, you won’t be disappointed as Copenhagen is now home to a burgeoning restaurant scene.

Outside of Copenhagen, you will find an idyllic countryside with rolling fields, fairytale castles from the 16th century, pastoral farmlands, and white sandy beaches. A self-drive tour is a fantastic way to explore the Danish countryside.


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